ReadVerify Appliance (RVA) for Tape Monitoring & More


Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards for Media Reliability with ReadVerify® Appliance

In today’s busy IT world, the complex task of monitoring and reporting on multiple metrics to optimize resource and performance may be a difficult project. But, knowing that tape media is reliable, readable and efficiently used is integral for effective tape environments.

Crossroads ReadVerify® Appliance (RVA®) proactively validates the integrity of tape storage systems and provides a simple, real-time way to monitor, track and report on the performance, utilization and health of tape devices and tape media. With RVA, you can be confident in the physical integrity of your tape media and secure in the knowledge that your data can be restored, should disaster strike.

Save Money by Leveraging Your Existing Tape Resources

By providing visibility into the utilization of tape resources, RVA helps you maximize effectiveness of existing equipment before making unnecessary capital expenditures. RVA also helps you address media and hardware issues before a catastrophic failure threatens the viability of your business.

How Does RVA Work?

RVA proactively monitors your tape systems and reports cartridge and drive statistics collected during data operations. Automatic alerting and reporting provides you with critical information on impending media and/or drive failures, overall utilization and performance of tape media and drives. Utilize built-in reporting for load balancing and to proactively address media and hardware failure before they cripple your business.



ArchiveVerify (AV), an optional feature for RVA, reduces your risk of losing data stored on tape and lowers backup and archive costs. With AV verification procedures are automatically initiated, and analysis conducted on the entire written length of tape media to ensure that what’s been written to tape can be read back. Reporting capabilities help fulfill requirements for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and regulatory compliance audits.



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