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If you have a support need, please let us know. Submit your question or issue to the Crossroads support team using the “Help Desk” form. Submitting a form will automatically generate a support case ticket. You will receive a prompt email response that includes your Crossroads case number along with directions for submitting additional data, such as troubleshooting logs. You can help our team resolve your issue quickly by providing all relevant information with your ticket submission.


Configuration will vary by product - examples

  • Client application(s) in use
  • Library model, number and type of drives, connectivity type
  • Type of client, client connection protocol, number of clients
  • External disk type and connectivity

Priority Definitions:

  • P0 - SS - Showstopper: Is a catastrophic problem that severely impacts the customer's ability to conduct business. This may mean the customer's product is down or not functioning and no procedural workaround exists.
  • P1 - H - High: Is a high impact problem in which the customer's operation is disrupted but there is capacity to remain productive and maintain necessary business-level operations.
  • P2 - M - Medium: Is a medium-to-low impact problem that involves partial loss of non-critical functionality. The problem impairs some operations but allows the customer to continue to function. This may be a minor issue with limited loss or impact to the customer's operation.
  • P3 - L - Low: No impact to the customer's use of the product or business operations.
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